Majesty Majesty oil on linen Study for Becoming Undone Study for Becoming Undone White Lace detail White Lace detail oil,on canvas The Black Dress The Black Dress Oil on linen Summer Rose detail Summer Rose detail oil on linen Peacock Mask PAnel Peacock Mask PAnel Oil on linen Black and Gold Black and Gold Oil on canvas Gold and Green Gold and Green Oil on linen Peacock MAsk Peacock MAsk Oil on linen Satin Stripes Study Satin Stripes Study Oil on canvas Black corset - looking down Black corset - looking down Oil on canvas Black Gold and Green Black Gold and Green oil on linen White Gardenia White Gardenia Oil on linen White Jasmine II White Jasmine II Oil on linen Whte Magnolia Whte Magnolia Oil on linen Satin Stripes Satin Stripes Oil on linen Red Handkerchief Red Handkerchief Oil on canvas White Gardenia II White Gardenia II oil on linen Pink Rose II Pink Rose II Oil on canvas Bustle Study Bustle Study oil on canvas